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The Lawless America Blog is where Bill Windsor posts quick news updates about where he is, what he’s doing, and what’s happening with Lawless America.

Lawless America is a documentary film about government corruption, judicial corruption, and law enforcement corruption.  Lawless America has over 1,200 Lawless America videos on YouTube.

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Other information is available at the website expose of Allie Overstreet, the website expose of Sean Boushie, and the website expose of ClaudineDombrowski.

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13 thoughts on “Lawless America Blog”

  1. Hi, Bill i am now logged into the new Lawless America Blog! I am Zahra Ali Y’sra El and i am one of the victims of Judicial Corruption. See my true story in the Lawless America Movie and preview them on line on Youtube just punch in “Zahra Ali Y’sra El Testifies against Judicial Corruption! And here the story of how the “System” destroyed my family through lies, fraud, forgery, color-or-law, kidnapping, abduction, R.I.C.O. Slander, Defamation of Character, illegal and unlawful arrest, fake and forged court orders, and the list goes on!!! It is very sad to know that you can serve in a Nation’s Military and received an Honorable Discharge; to later have your children stolen away from you to never see them again! I have been fighting for years and I will continue to fight until i receive justice and victory over my enemies!

    1. Hi,
      Could you call or email me. I have something to share with you. A health care MAFIA that is supported by thieves sitting in the White House and its cover up.
      Dr. Aziz and Dr. Syed Kaifee: M.D.
      PH. 8594942233

  2. Get a look at the face of CORRUPTION..THIS MAN (JUDGE KAMEENie) apparently held a few hearings recently without notifying me–then he had the gall to advise the PENNSYLVANIA Superior court to DISMISS my appeal–WHY??? You ask…to cover his dirty little corrupt tracks!!!..why the animosity KAMEENie??? what the hell did i NEVER do to you???? Don’t worry your constituents will know about your illicit conduct…nice try!!! SHARE & SHARE ALIKE…thanks John & Jane Q Public.

  3. My family and I have been victimized by the corruption in St. Louis Co., District 6, Hibbing MN. for over a decade. Those involved recently orchestrated a horrific scheme that ultimately took my fathers life? A chronological record of this public corruption can be found here ~ This corruption has reached every sector of my community and is the least exposed by those victimized due to the heinous means by which these corrupt public servants assisted by private sector accomplices use as retaliation and intimidation. I recently assembled this petition, within a week of it’s circulation the suspicious events that lead to my fathers death ensued. Two weeks later he was dead, euthanized by attending physician(s) at the Fairview Range Mesabi Hospital in Hibbing. This euthanasia was assisted by the Guardian Angels Nursing Home in Hibbing, North Star Hospice and St. Louis County Dept. of Health and MDHS Aging and Adult Services Division Adult Protection.

    I am exposing and seeking justice concerning the cover up death of my elderly father. He was neglected, abused, tortured and involuntarily euthanized by an attending physician(s) at the Fairview Range Mesabi Hospital in Hibbing. This euthanasia was assisted by the Guardian Angels Nursing Home in Hibbing, North Star Hospice Staff an affiliate of the aforementioned hospital, St. Louis County Dept. of Health and Minnesota Department of Human Services Aging and Adult Services Division Adult Protection. This heinous orchestration of events that extinguished the life of my father, ensued, EXACTLY, one week following the assembly and publication of the below petition to Governor Mark Dayton~

    Review the supporting material I’ve posted on my timeline and notes & photos~

    My Events Page, MN. Governor Dayton, We the People want an Investigation ~

    ~as well as the Petition News, posted and updated regularly on the below Petition Page

    Please stand with me in support of my petition ~ If you haven’t done so, PLEASE SIGN and SHARE!

    Thank You,
    Deb Matheny

  4. Hi, Bill! I am in the process of getting someone to help me get photos of all the places that can bring to life what i have told in my story at my earliest convenience and then i will forward the information to you once it is completed! Yours truly, Zahra Ali Y’sra El!

  5. Bill

    I am sorry for all your troubles. I went to one of the websites defaming you and I must admit it is bad. I miss seeing all your wonderful info on the website. It was wonderful. Please don’t give it up for this blog. You can do what is called a “takedown” of those sites defaming you.

    Please look at “takedown” all you have to do is complain to the owner of the website “host” the one who hosts it.. not the person who put it up.

    Please do that immediately. You are loosing the wonderful audience you had and this is not worth it.. please don’t let it consume you.

    YOu did a wonderful thing by helping someone get out of a mental lockdown ward. That is where you need to be.

    Sincerely, Alberta

  6. ~ “It’s better to make money…than to lose it.”


    @Oprah, @GMA : I would GREATLY APPRECIATE your response to my correspondences via FB, Twitter, Email, Voicemail, Facsimile, etc. I’m in DYER NEED OF ASSISTANCE ~ PLEASE!!


  7. I would just like to add that Pennsylvania is not without corruption.
    In this state Westmoreland county has been voted the number one corrupt county in the state from the bottom all the way to the top. Neighboring Washington county can be just as bad. Murderers, drug dealers and anyone with a significant amount of money seem to do as they please without interruption.

  8. I am a single father who wishes to expose the lies and corruption of dishonest Judges and attorneys across our country.
    My story began In September of 2012, at the conclusion of a telephonic hearing that I participated in regarding a divorce matter, a certain Sumner County Chancery Court Judge ordered me to appear in court on January 2, 2013 to answer to an additional divorce complaint filed against me. Because of certain unexpected issues I was dealing with at that time and the fact I lived several states away, I requested to participate by phone however the judge denied my request. The original January 2 trial date was then changed by the Judge’s office sometime later after the trial without my knowledge and I was never notified so that I could make arraignments to attend. The Judge’s office then altered the completed order resulting from the September hearing by reflecting that the original court date that the judge ordered me to appear at was not set for January 2 but instead for January 4th. The January 4th hearing then took place without my knowledge and resulted in a harsh judgment against me including several new false complaints that were brought to the courts attention that I had no prior knowledge of. My constitutional rights were violated and I was denied my rights to due process as the constitution affords all Americans.
    Finally the order resulting from the January 4th hearing reflected that I had been ordered to appear on the January 4th court date but instead I purposely failed to appear.
    The opposing Attorney’s office produced the court orders and the Judge reviewed, approved and signed them. The Judge and Attorney having foreknowledge that these facts were false, knowingly and intentionally represented them as truth on a court order. Ask yourself if these individuals could lie in one order how many other orders have they lied in. For individuals to participate in this behavior I just described would constitute felony conspiracy, felony tampering with or fabricating evidence and tampering with government documents. I have further evidence that is being investigated to suggest fraud and conspiracy took place by the same judge and attorney.

  9. Low and behold, by the grace of God, I found out that I became such a victim of corruption that I became Case Law.
    This occurred back in 2009 and after multiple attorneys, not one of them knew that I, myself, was case law.
    Keeping my fingers crossed as I just filed 4 DEMANDs (forget Petitions, forget Motions, it is time for DEMANDING). I’ve been victimized! I’ve been homeless! I’ve paid the price. Now it is time that they realize I (and all of us) are NOT going to go away. We will continue to fight this fight.

  10. Hi Bill and Everyone! I’ve finally made it here to the blog site. I’m glad you are on Facebook too, that has been where I can keep up. Having both sites now, hopefully I can keep myself more up to date. I am a witness to this corrupt case, but it pales in comparison to what the rest of you are going through. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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