Bill Windsor’s Furniture and Lawless America’s Furniture has been STOLEN.

Barbara-Gray-Windsor-Storage-UnitBill Windsor’s Furniture and Lawless America’s Furniture has been STOLEN.



The following was written by William M. Windsor, Bill Windsor:

Barbara Gray WindsorMy furniture has been stolen.  It wasn’t a break-in.

Only one person other than me had a key to the lock used on the storage unit.

That person is my ex-wife, Barbara Gray _____.

Based upon email communications with my ex-wife’s attorney, it seems to indicate that Barbara Gray _____ has stolen my furniture, among other things.

I received an email from John L. Welsh II, Attorney At-Law, 211 South Culver Street, PO Box 986, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, (678) 682-3871.  In it, he says “Ms. Barbara G. Windsor a/k/a/ Barbara Jane Gray”…had no legal obligation to provide storage for your personal property for a single day, let alone 3 years.  Ms. Windsor is not responsible for anything you may have lost.”

Dishonest bully John L. Welsh, II of Lawrenceville, Georgia was finally responding to one voice mail, a letter dated April 23, 2016, and a fax dated May 4.  My May 4, 2016 letter very politely gave Mr. John L. Welsh, II the opportunity to explain that the furniture was in one of the other two units at the storage facility.  When he responded as he did, it was clear to me that his client was responsible for the missing stuff.  If she didn’t take it, a simple response explaining where it was is all that was needed.  Instead, I got threats.

Barbara Gray _____ asked for certain items to be left in our former home until  it sold so that it would show better.  I have plenty of emails to document this.  The terms of that agreement were that, once the home sold, she would put the stuff in a storage unit for me at a facility where I had two units that I had been paying for since approximately 2001.  I have received and have paid the storage fees monthly on a third unit (A005) since approximately July 2014 when our former home sold and she moved to Smyrna, Georgia.  She sent one key to me and retained one key.

My letter is as follows:

May 4, 2016

Mr. John L. Welsh, II, Attorney-at-Law, 211 S. Culver St., PO Box 986, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, Telephone: (678) 682-3871  Fax: (770) 682-3180

RE: Barbara Windsor v. William M. Windsor – Case # 13104492 – 28 and New Case

Dear Mr. Welsh:

I have two other legal issues.

First, I drove three days to Atlanta to get my furniture and files out of storage.  When the storage facility cut the lock off Unit A005, I was shocked to find that all of my furniture is gone.  Nothing but boxes.  Please advise me by email at once if the furniture might have been put in another storage unit by mistake.

I will call the police and report this as theft by Barbara Windsor unless I hear that this is some sort of error on her part.  If the furniture is in another unit, I need the number and the key.  I cannot afford to hang around Atlanta in a hotel waiting to get my stuff.

I have been advised that my ex-wife is continuing to use the name “Windsor.”  The Divorce Decree provides very clearly that she was to change her name.  She has apparently used my name to obtain some of my assets.  I demand that she cease at once, and I will seek an injunction accordingly.

I have not heard from you regarding my plans to reopen the divorce case due to fraud and my plans to file a new legal action against your client.  Therefore, I will file and serve you.


William M. Windsor

I will be filing criminal charges.  I am also filing a civil action.  I cannot wait to take the deposition of my ex-wife, Barbara Gray _____, a real liar.

I know others have found that their exes turned out to be scum.   Barbara Gray _____ certainly is.

Barbara Gray _____  blocked any contact by me with the two amazing girls who used to be my granddaughters.  I have not been allowed to communicate with them in any manner since April 2013.  Cards and gifts were returned.

jail-cellBarbara Gray _____ refused to accept my frantic phone calls when I was unlawfully incarcerated in the Ellis County Texas Jail.  I only had her number and my former son’s number memorized.  They were the only people I could call.  Dozens of calls, and they never responded.

Then Barbara Gray _____ stopped payment on a large check to me, and Barbara Gray _____ ceased paying money that was owed.

Barbara and Ryan Windsor at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Now it appears that Barbara Gray _____ has stolen my furniture as well as furniture in my possession that does not belong to her.

Because Barbara Gray _____ divorced me out of fear for the people who threatened my life and cyberstalked me, I felt the honorable thing to do was to sign over both of our homes to her — homes valued at about $2 million.  Because being near me was causing her to fear for her life, I agreed to move far away to insulate her.   I let her keep virtually all of the valuable furniture and household items as I felt her lifestyle should be disrupted as little as possible.   I did much more.  How in the world did I waste so many years with a lowlife like this?  At least one of her family members is a member of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang, a real slimeball, Sid Wallingford Gray.

I hope her granddaughters are “proud” of her.

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