Bill Windsor is Alive and Well in Dallas, Texas


Bill Windsor is Alive and Well in Dallas, Texas.

Well, I am suspended again by Facebook.  Facebook claims that posting a photo of a woman with the question: “Is this the face of a Joey?” violates their terms for threats.  Give me a break.  This isn’t quite as bad as their permanent removal of the Lawless America Facebook page claiming it promoted nudity etc, but it’s pretty bad.

My lawsuit against Facebook is moving along in California.  I also have subpoenas and various things with Facebook as I attempt to get the IP addresses and identities of as many of my cyberstalkers as possible.

This should be an interesting week on the legal front.  Meanwhile, I am sidelined doing legal work when I would much rather be finishing the movie.  But the cyberstalkers have successfully interfered with the movie so badly that I have to deal with them first.

Mark your calendar: Allie Overstreet will allegedly appear for a deposition on June 2, 2014 in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Casey Hargrove, Shonda Hargrove, and Clyde Hargrove of the Joeyisalittlekid Ginger Snap family should appear before Allie Overstreet or soon thereafter.  And Sean D. Fleming is expected to appear before Allie Overstreet as well.

I haven’t done a ranking of the lowest of the lowlife, but Ginger Snap is probably the lowest and Sean D. Fleming and Allie Overstreet are just above Ginger Snap on the lowlife pile.  Facebook is right down there with them.

It’s interesting to trace how all of this cyberstalking came about.  This is my opinion based upon what I have pieced together:  First there was that guy at the University of Montana because I was to film Crystal Cox who he hates.  Next came Joeyisalittlekid because I filmed Presley Crowe, filmed Connie Bedwell (a Joey named Yappy who is believed to be Melanie White and seems to be Connie’s biggest detractor with a big blog about her), and I was to film Joey Dauben (who all the original Joeys seem to hate).  Then came WTP FPR trying to misappropriate the Meet Me in DC event in what I saw as an effort to become a player in the family court reform world.  Some of the WTP folks were at least loosely associates with Joeyisalittlekid.  Then came the American Mothers Political Party (“AMPP”), and we have them tied to Joey and Joeyisalittlekid as far back as 2011.  Then you have all of them coming together in  Fleming came out of the dirt because he seems to  really dislike some women who were filmed in Michigan and seems to have a burning desire to be something.  Allie Overstreet was playing footsie with a Joey named Jay Roland.  Then Allie Overstreet immediately started lying her a$$ off when we parted ways over what I saw as her obsession with Joeyisalittlekid, and she hopped right into the very middle of the Joeyisalittlekid bed, bringing along people who I don’t believe had any sense because they darned sure couldn’t read.  As I see it, each of these people/groups had an ulterior motive to damage me and Lawless America.  They don’t believe the stuff they write.  Their false words are merely a means to their end.

I have so much evidence against these folks that it is literally overwhelming.  I’m extremely detail-oriented, so my biggest challenge will be whittling down the charges and the evidence to just the cream of the lowlife crop.

I will publish an article in which I post the evidence of falsification of documents in order to defame me.  I have the original of emails, the documents produced by Allie Overstreet, and then completely different documents published by Ginger Snap.

I’m also publishing another cease and desist notice and retraction request.  I’ll do that here.  As long as the defamatory material appears, I will try to publish these every 30 days or so.


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