Bill Windsor is delayed in Missouri dealing with the lawsuit against Allie Overstreet


Bill Windsor is delayed in Missouri dealing with the lawsuit against Allie Overstreet.

I have to be here on Thursday for a hearing on odds and ends.  Allie Overstreet is supposed to answer the interrogatories and produce documents tomorrow, as she was court-ordered to do.

So, I can’t leave for Missoula Montana until Friday.  I plan to arrive in Missoula on Sunday, so filming will begin on August 5, and I will be there until at least the 12th.  I will be filming the pilot for a proposed Lawless America TV series.  This episode will be an expose of cyberstalker Sean Boushie, the University of Montana, and the seemingly incompetent or corrupt law enforcement officials who have allowed this man to run wild on the Internet.

The judge in Topeka Kansas should issue a ruling this week on whether I will be granted an ex parte stalking restraining order against Claudine Dombrowski and the American Mothers Political Party.

I have two stops to make on the way to Montana — one personal and one very special filming of the eyewitness to a murder that was corruptly called a heart attack.  I have to get my driver’s license in South Dakota, and I am applying for a concealed carry permit for the gun that I bought for my protection.

After Missoula, I will be filming the back story for the tragic murder of a little girl in Great Falls.  Then I am back in Utah — Salt Lake City and Hurricane.  THEN I will finally pull off the road and work on little but trying to get funding.  I can’t afford to continue to travel and film unless I find a financier.

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