Bill Windsor is still at “home” in Box Elder South Dakota


Bill Windsor is still at “home” in Box Elder South Dakota.

I’m filming at Mount Rushmore.  At locations like this, I am doing short segments that discuss the general problems and needs.

I’ll be staying in Deadwood City tonight because the driver’s license offices in South Dakota are closed on Mondays.  🙁

Other homey duties were taken care of today.

The judge has issued an order on my petition for a protective order against Claudine Dombrowski, but I have to wait to receive it by FedEx to know the ruling.  That seems silly.

I sent email news releases to all media outlets in Montana last night.  The headline was: Will filmmaker Bill Windsor be murdered in Montana?

Sean Boushie keeps filing objections to my CraigsList ads in Missoula Montana.  I guess he must be scared you-know-what-less about now.  Surely his days as a cyber terrorist are numbered.

I will be meeting April Hall in Great Falls Montana to film the back story of the tragic CPS-enabled murder of her granddaughter.  It is one of the most compelling stories for the film.

I’ll provide another update tonight after I get to Deadwood.



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