Bill Windsor Update — December 26, 2014



This is a photo of me the day I was released from the Ellis County Texas Jail.  The photo is a selfie, and it does not do justice to how long my beard was after 53 days.

Jennie Morton has me blocked on Facebook.  I can’t see anything on her anymore, including previous Facebook private messages.  I understand her new boyfriend is Chad Clemente of Athens, Texas.  I can see his page, and I sent him a Facebook message.  Jennie’s disappearance as my employee is very shocking as we worked together for many months, and I thought we were best of friends.  I have to wonder if the Joeys paid her off.  I hope so because that would really help with RICO against the Joeys.

I need someone who has the ability to check outstanding Texas warrants to check each day and advise me if anything shows up with my name on it.

I was surprised to learn today that the Texas Governor’s Office is closed until January 29, 2015.  The inauguration of Greg Abbott is January 20, 2015.  My hearing before Judge Cindy Ermatinger is January 21, 2015.  It may be that no consideration will be given to Governor’s Warrants until after the new Governor takes office.

Still no word from the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals.

There is so much that I have not yet written about that happened while I was in the Ellis County Jail.  I filed a Motion to Recuse Ellis County Texas Judge Bob Carroll based upon a void of impartiality.  He recused himself.

Some old judge who handled the case of Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid for approximately 15 hours awarded $320,000 to Sean D. Fleming as his legal expense and a $250,000 sanction to try to stop me from suing criminals in the future.  Talk about an outrage for so many reasons!  If the judge was Evelyn Wood herself, he couldn’t have begun to read the case file from 6 pm on Thursday to 9 am on Friday.  I don’t believe the judge had jurisdiction because I filed a Motion to Remove the case to federal court in South Dakota just a few minutes before the surprise hearing that I was summoned to.  Federal law says the Ellis County court lost jurisdiction, and defendants must file motions to remand to try to get it back to Ellis County.

I’m organizing all the postal violations evidence, have sent freedom of information requests to a variety of Ellis County entities, have the complete donations reports coming for Ellis County Texas Judge Bob Carroll, Ellis County Texas Sheriff Johnny Brown, and Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson, and much more.  I can prove that each of these corrupt officials had been sent proof of my illegal “arrest,” incarceration, denial of bond, and denial of discharge.  In addition to letters or emails to each of them, I also submitted approximately a dozen Grievances to the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department/Jail, and perhaps as many as 100 Inmate Request Forms.  I demanded my release in writing repeatedly, often twice a day so I could hit new people on the 12-hour shifts at the jail.  So, I have quite a paper trail.

I have big plans for this evening. I made a promise to my fellow prisoners, and tonight I will do what they asked.  My lips are sealed.

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