Bill Windsor Has Been Quiet

I’m Bill Windsor of Lawless America, and I have not been active with Lawless America for the last two years.  As important and as gratifying as my work with Lawless America has been, it ripped my life apart.

I have had mixed emotions about continuing to work to expose dishonesty and corruption.  I want to do so, but it hasn’t been practical.  Now divorced and without a family, I’ve needed to establish a new life.  Then I was hit by an 18-wheeler at 70-miles-per-hour, and I’ve spent the last year seeing doctors, having surgery, and undergoing physical therapy.

When physically able, I have been writing. I have written two screenplays, and I have been working as a writer for agencies that provide articles and website content for a wide variety of companies.  I have written about perfume, fire safety, auto parts, baby swings, headphones, money-saving tips for elderly, what to do if you are in an auto accident, and much more.

I have also spent some time writing for my own websites with sales tips and techniques, information about historical places in the United States, sightseeing in America, photos and stories about the world’s largest things in the USA, and the best and worst in the U.S.

I continue to receive emails and messages from people every day seeking help with the corruption they have experienced.  I can help very few.  I hope to obtain a grant so I can hire people to field these inquiries and provide help.

I will be putting articles online to provide my experience and knowledge about how to represent yourself in court.

I have been working with an agent for the last year, and I do still have hope that Lawless America…The Movie will reach theaters.

William M. Windsor