False Information and Defamation Galore have been Published about Bill Windsor


As I continue to go through all of the things that have been published about me in the past year or so, I am astonished to see how much false and incorrect information has been circulated about me.  I’d like to clarify a few things so the truth will be online if anyone can ever dig through all the defamatory material to find it.

I have never formed or operated a fraudulent company or corporation.

I have never solicited donations under false pretenses.

I have never misrepresented that I have a 501(c)(3).  I have never told anyone that a donation to the movie would be a tax-free donation.  I specifically stated that I did not have a tax exempt entity, and when Lawless America Association was formed, I stated that I did not know if donations would be tax exempt, and then I learned that they would not be.

I have never committed tax fraud.  I have never committed mail fraud.  I have never committed fraud of any type.

I have never operated a scam. I am not now and never have been a con artist.

There is nothing whatsoever fake about Lawless America…The Movie.

I have never been a sexual deviant.  I have never been a pedophile, a pedophile lover, a bigot, or anti-gay.  I have never had Herpes or any other venereal disease.  I have never had sex with an animal or a reptile.

I have never been arrested or charged with a crime. I have never been in jail.

I am not now and never have been a Sovereign Citizen. I’ve never attended any meetings of Sovereign Citizens, and I have never had discussions with anyone about the ideas that Sovereign Citizens have.

I have never indicated that any citizen grand jury would have the power to sentence anyone.  Obviously a citizen grand jury does not have the legal authority to impose, much less carry out criminal sentences.  My focus was always on reaching county, state, and federal grand juries, and articles on LawlessAmerica.com and recordings on TalkShoe make this very clear.

I have been absolutely consistent for years that my activism will always take place within the confines of the law and that I would never advocate or participate in any violence.  The idea that it has been widely published that I am planning to murder anyone, much less every elected official, is so outrageous that it defies the correct words for a response.  I have never planned or even thought about murdering anyone or having anyone executed.  I simply set out to help expose the government and judicial corruption in our country through a documentary film and to work for honesty in government, protection of our fundamental human rights, and protection of the rights that are allegedly protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I am not a terrorist, paper or otherwise.  Paper terrorism refers to the use of false liens, frivolous lawsuits, bogus letters of credit, and other ungrounded legal documents to harass others, especially against government officials.  It is the filing and sending of false documents to intimidate police, government officials and private citizens.

I have never taken any of the steps described above for the purpose of harassing anyone.  I certainly do exercise my rights as an American citizen to petition the courts when I believe that is my only legal recourse in a situation.  I don’t believe anyone honest could read anything I’ve ever filed in court and conclude it is a “sham” pleading simply filed to harass someone, because nothing has been.  I very carefully research everything that I file, and I have never filed anything frivolous.

I have never, ever suggested that anyone else should resort to the tactics described above as paper terrorism either.

There are so many of these defamatory statements that I could probably write for a week refuting them, but I just don’t have time for that.

These false, malicious, vicious, reckless, animosity-filled published statements about me make me sick, literally.  There is nothing even remotely humorous about any of this.  I have been publishing some of these statements on Facebook and my denials since I have no access to mainstream media to refute what has been published about me.  I keep praying that a court will act to stop these people.  Legal action against these people is obviously the only way that I can minimize future damage by stopping at least some of these cyberstalkers.

To those who have published false and/or defamatory information about me: CEASE AND DESIST.  Correct and make a retraction of all of the false and/or defamatory information.  If you don’t have absolute proof that your published statements are true, then issue a correction and retraction.  There are hundreds of screen names who have published false and/or defamatory information on joeyisalittlekid.BlogSpot.com.  I ask whoever is the owner/operator of that site to publish this article on that site so all of the people who frequent that site know the truth and know of this demand for correction and retraction.  It is impossible for me to list each specific false and/or defamatory statement because there are approximately 40,000 published statements, and there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of false and/or defamatory statements or support for such statements.

William M. Windsor

Bill Windsor is Alive and Well in Dallas, Texas


Bill Windsor is Alive and Well in Dallas, Texas.

Well, I am suspended again by Facebook.  Facebook claims that posting a photo of a woman with the question: “Is this the face of a Joey?” violates their terms for threats.  Give me a break.  This isn’t quite as bad as their permanent removal of the Lawless America Facebook page claiming it promoted nudity etc, but it’s pretty bad.

My lawsuit against Facebook is moving along in California.  I also have subpoenas and various things with Facebook as I attempt to get the IP addresses and identities of as many of my cyberstalkers as possible.

This should be an interesting week on the legal front.  Meanwhile, I am sidelined doing legal work when I would much rather be finishing the movie.  But the cyberstalkers have successfully interfered with the movie so badly that I have to deal with them first.

Mark your calendar: Allie Overstreet will allegedly appear for a deposition on June 2, 2014 in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Casey Hargrove, Shonda Hargrove, and Clyde Hargrove of the Joeyisalittlekid Ginger Snap family should appear before Allie Overstreet or soon thereafter.  And Sean D. Fleming is expected to appear before Allie Overstreet as well.

I haven’t done a ranking of the lowest of the lowlife, but Ginger Snap is probably the lowest and Sean D. Fleming and Allie Overstreet are just above Ginger Snap on the lowlife pile.  Facebook is right down there with them.

It’s interesting to trace how all of this cyberstalking came about.  This is my opinion based upon what I have pieced together:  First there was that guy at the University of Montana because I was to film Crystal Cox who he hates.  Next came Joeyisalittlekid because I filmed Presley Crowe, filmed Connie Bedwell (a Joey named Yappy who is believed to be Melanie White and seems to be Connie’s biggest detractor with a big blog about her), and I was to film Joey Dauben (who all the original Joeys seem to hate).  Then came WTP FPR trying to misappropriate the Meet Me in DC event in what I saw as an effort to become a player in the family court reform world.  Some of the WTP folks were at least loosely associates with Joeyisalittlekid.  Then came the American Mothers Political Party (“AMPP”), and we have them tied to Joey and Joeyisalittlekid as far back as 2011.  Then you have all of them coming together in Joeyisalittlekid.blogspot.com.  Fleming came out of the dirt because he seems to  really dislike some women who were filmed in Michigan and seems to have a burning desire to be something.  Allie Overstreet was playing footsie with a Joey named Jay Roland.  Then Allie Overstreet immediately started lying her a$$ off when we parted ways over what I saw as her obsession with Joeyisalittlekid, and she hopped right into the very middle of the Joeyisalittlekid bed, bringing along people who I don’t believe had any sense because they darned sure couldn’t read.  As I see it, each of these people/groups had an ulterior motive to damage me and Lawless America.  They don’t believe the stuff they write.  Their false words are merely a means to their end.

I have so much evidence against these folks that it is literally overwhelming.  I’m extremely detail-oriented, so my biggest challenge will be whittling down the charges and the evidence to just the cream of the lowlife crop.

I will publish an article in which I post the evidence of falsification of documents in order to defame me.  I have the original of emails, the documents produced by Allie Overstreet, and then completely different documents published by Ginger Snap.

I’m also publishing another cease and desist notice and retraction request.  I’ll do that here.  As long as the defamatory material appears, I will try to publish these every 30 days or so.


Bill Windsor obtains subpoenas for Facebook, Cyberstalkers, and Other Kooks in Windsor v. Allie Overstreet

2013-08-01-Missouri-Lexington 005-640w

Bill Windsor obtains subpoenas for Facebook, Cyberstalkers, and Other Kooks in Windsor v. Allie Overstreet.


Judge Dennis Rolf granted my motion, and the Clerk of the Court is now issuing subpoenas for me to take depositions and obtain documents from non-parties in William M. Windsor v. Allie Overstreet and 1,000 John Does.  I have been trying to get this for months.  Now I’ve got it.

Now the cyberstalkers have really got something to look forward to.  Facebook, Google, Yahoo, CraigsList, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many others will be having subpoenas winging their way to them.  And a whole host of individuals are being subpoenaed.  American Mothers Political Party members, Joeys, would-be killers, and others.

I am beyond excited!

For more information and the latest updates, be sure to always check www.LawlessAmerica.org and www.AllieOverstreet.com.

William M. Windsor
Phone: 770-578-1094
www.LawlessAmerica.org – blog site

Bill Windsor is delayed in Missouri dealing with the lawsuit against Allie Overstreet


Bill Windsor is delayed in Missouri dealing with the lawsuit against Allie Overstreet.

I have to be here on Thursday for a hearing on odds and ends.  Allie Overstreet is supposed to answer the interrogatories and produce documents tomorrow, as she was court-ordered to do.

So, I can’t leave for Missoula Montana until Friday.  I plan to arrive in Missoula on Sunday, so filming will begin on August 5, and I will be there until at least the 12th.  I will be filming the pilot for a proposed Lawless America TV series.  This episode will be an expose of cyberstalker Sean Boushie, the University of Montana, and the seemingly incompetent or corrupt law enforcement officials who have allowed this man to run wild on the Internet.

The judge in Topeka Kansas should issue a ruling this week on whether I will be granted an ex parte stalking restraining order against Claudine Dombrowski and the American Mothers Political Party.

I have two stops to make on the way to Montana — one personal and one very special filming of the eyewitness to a murder that was corruptly called a heart attack.  I have to get my driver’s license in South Dakota, and I am applying for a concealed carry permit for the gun that I bought for my protection.

After Missoula, I will be filming the back story for the tragic murder of a little girl in Great Falls.  Then I am back in Utah — Salt Lake City and Hurricane.  THEN I will finally pull off the road and work on little but trying to get funding.  I can’t afford to continue to travel and film unless I find a financier.

William M. Windsor


Phone: 770-578-1094

www.LawlessAmerica.org – blog site









Bill Windsor reports from the Windsor v. Overstreet Hearing in Lexington Missouri


Bill Windsor reports from the Windsor v. Overstreet Hearing in Lexington Missouri.

Video Report of Bill Windsor from the Lafayette County Courthouse in Lexington Missouri.