Is this where Bill Windsor is headed?



The road to nowhere?  The road to the Montana State Prison?  The road to the Academy Awards for Best Documentary for Lawless America?  The road to ???

In 2012, Bill Windsor set out to drive to all 50 state capitals to film one victim of government, judicial, or law enforcement corruption in each state.  6,000 people showed up wanting to be filmed.  William M. Windsor’s planned 120-day trip took 241 days.  He managed to film over 750 people.  He shot 1,500 hours of high definition movie film.

Bill Windsor developed many haters, and a group of people has defamed him online in an unprecedented manner – 320 articles, 49,000 published comments accusing Bill Windsor of every crime and horrible thing you can imagine, dozens of videos, over 50 hate websites about him, an online radio show to defame him, all manner of cyberstalking, and more.  Bill Windsor has received many threats, including death threats.

One of the most vicious is a UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE.  Bill Windsor drove to Missoula to film an expose about him and why law enforcement and the courts protect him.  As Bill Windsor drove from Butte to Missoula, a car about 100-feet ahead of him in the right hand lane on the Interstate burst into flame and smoke.  When William M. Windsor reached his hotel in Missoula Montana, he received an email from the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE saying that he missed – could Bill Windsor believe how that car exploded.  The police and the courts did nothing.  Bill Windsor sought protective orders against the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE with massive evidence of his cyberstalking, and Bill Windsor was denied in a manner that indicated the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE was being deliberately protected.

William M. Windsor registered with the Montana Film Commission, the City of Missoula, and the University of Montana.  Bill Windsor had permission to film anywhere on public property.  All he did in Montana was work on the film.  On the last day of filming, Bill Windsor was in the center of the University of Montana campus when two law enforcement officers came up and served William M. Windsor with a Temporary Order of Protection in favor of the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE.  Bill Windsor filmed it; he thought it would be the perfect conclusion for a one-hour TV show about corruption in Montana.  Bill Windsor was charged with stalking for filming his movie.  There was never a hearing to convert the Temporary Order of Protection to a permanent order.  The Order says it expired in mid-September 2013.

Bill Windsor sued the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE and the small army of cyberstalkers in Ellis County Texas court.  Bill Windsor is the sole plaintiff.  As Bill Windsor left the courtroom after a routine hearing on October 28, 2014, a group of Ellis County Sheriff’s Deputies took him to the Ellis County Texas Jail.  Bill Windsor had never been in jail in his 66 years.  Bill Windsor was not arrested – just detained for extradition to Montana on three felonies and two misdemeanors.  The “arrest,” incarceration, denial of bond, and denial of release was all totally illegal.  Bill Windsor provided a $100,000 bond from an Ellis County Texas bail bond company, and it was rejected.  Bill Windsor then arranged a $100,000 Montana bond, and it was rejected.  William M. Windsor fought like crazy to get the laws enforced and get released, but all types of wrongdoing by Ellis County Texas Judge Bob Carroll, Ellis County Texas Sheriff Johnny Brown, Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson and their employees kept him in jail for 53 days until he finally managed to get before a judge and prove all the violations.

Bill Windsor was released on a personal recognizance bond on December 19, 2014.  He will likely have to turn himself in by January 20, 2015 in Missoula, Montana.

Bill Windsor doesn’t know what he is charged with.  All he has been told is “violation of a protective order.”  It may be that Montana is claiming that Bill Windsor’s website violates the non-existent protective order, or that mailing copies of legal documents required under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure violates the non-existent protective order.  But what Bill Windsor is really charged with is the filming of a documentary that will expose Montana as the most corrupt state in America.

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Bill Windsor very well may be destined to die in a Montana prison. He is looking for someone who might be interested in taking his film and completing the project. He doesn’t care about money; he just wants the pandemic of judicial corruption exposed.

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Bill Windsor may be reached at 110 East Center Street #1213, Madison, SD 57042,,,,

If you would like to have Bill Windsor publish your story about INjustice, please email your story with photos, evidence, and anything that you feel is important for people to see —

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