Quick Note from Bill Windsor — WANTED POSTER — January 4, 2015


Thanks SO MUCH to Mary Rogan for sending information to media galore about the efforts to lock me away to stop Lawless America…The Movie.

Perhaps our best hope for the movie (and me) is for mainstream media to report this story.

Here are some interesting stats:  The population of Ellis County Texas is 149,610.  According to crime statistics published at www.recordspedia.com, “between 1999 and 2008 there were 35,407 total crimes reported in Ellis County Texas (2,795 of them violent).  Of the 3,541 crimes that happen every year in Ellis County Texas, nearly one-half occur less than one mile from home.  On average, someone is a victim of a crime in Ellis County Texas every 2 hours.  This includes 32 murders, 256 rapes, and almost twenty-five thousand thefts (including 2,282 auto thefts).  Over the preceding 10 years, reported crime in Ellis County Texas had grown by 76%.  During that same interval, violent crime grew by 82%.  On the whole, the crime figures reflect a dramatic growth in crime over the last 10 years in Ellis County Texas.  If the current trend continued, predicted crime numbers could hit almost six thousand for Ellis County Texas in 2009.”

With murderers, rapists, thefts of all types, many drug busts, and multiple violent crimes every month, a check of the Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson’s Facebook Page reveals just one Wanted Poster.  It is for William M. Windsor for the alleged violation of a protective order in Montana for filming a documentary movie and mailing legal mail to Montana.  Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson is a corrupt elected official who has a vendetta against Bill Windsor because Bill Windsor whipped him in court and is working to expose him and others like him.


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